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January 2020 Grant Cycle: How to Apply

November 18, 2019 by CCF


Have questions? Find a helpful guide with answers here.

At Coastal Community Foundation, we’re always working to improve the experience of our donors, nonprofit partners and staff.  To that end, we will be transitioning to a new grants management software in early 2020.  We’ll be fully utilizing that software as of March 1, 2020, but will begin the transition in January of 2020.  That timing does coincide with our January specialized grantmaking cycle, so we’ll be doing this cycle a bit differently.  For the Blackbaud Fund and the Waccamaw Community Foundation Application, you will submit the information through our current online portal system at this link, as you have for the past several years – nothing will change for those two.

For all other competitive programs running in the January cycle (Charles Webb-Ed Croft, Griffith-Reyburn, Realtors Housing Opportunities Fund, NEW Fund and Winthrop Family Fund), you will be filling out a Word document application, rather than submitting the information online.  You’ll be able to access those applications by following a link for each program on the grant opportunities page on our website (also linked below).  Once complete, you’ll submit the applications by email to Grants@CoastalCommunityFoundation.org.  You’ll get an automatic confirmation that your application has been submitted.  This email account is not monitored for questions on the applications themselves – for any questions on the applications or programs, please reach out to the staff member responsible for the program.  Below you’ll see details on each program included in this cycle, along with the contact person for the program.

Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience as we work to give you the best experience possible! Deadline for all January cycle programs is Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

Blackbaud Fund – Application will be on the portal. Contact: Kaela Hammond

Waccamaw Community Foundation Application – Application will be on the portal. Contact: Kristen Bitzegaio

Griffith-Reyburn Lowcountry Artist of the Year Award – Application will be available as a Word document at this link. Contact: Caroline Rakar

Realtors Housing Opportunities Fund – Application will be available as a Word document at this link. Contact: Kaela Hammond

Winthrop Family Fund – Application will be available as a Word document at this link. Contact: Veronica Hemmingway.

N.E.W. Fund (Neighborhoods Energized to Win) – Application will be available as a Word document at this link. Contact: Veronica Hemmingway.  *Please note: applicants are required to attend a pre-application session on Thursday, November 21st at 6:00pm.  Attendees will receive the link to the application after this meeting.  To RSVP, please contact Veronica.

Charles Webb-Ed Croft Endowment Fund – Application will be available as a Word document. Contact: Kaela Hammond *Please note: this program will continue to operate as an invitation-only program.  If you are invited to apply, you’ll receive an email from Kaela with the document linked.

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