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Farewell, Richard

December 10, 2015 by CCF

richard waving hand

Richard Hendry, a pillar of Coastal Community Foundation for more than 30 years, will be leaving CCF come 2016. To celebrate him, we asked those who have worked closely with him throughout his career to share their thoughts on his work and legacy for our December newsletter.

We couldn’t share all of the quotes in the print newsletter, but we wanted to share everyone’s contributions. Here is the full recounting of well-wishes we received:


“Oh, dear, I will miss Richard. He is one of the gentlest and kind individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Always considerate, and he has the tendency to blush, which in this day and age is most endearing. I was hoping that he would always be there. Thank you Richard, may you have a happy retirement. With Love, Una”

Una Ashcraft


richard new fund training seminar 2

Richard at a N.E.W. Fund training seminar in the late 90s.

“For as long as I can remember, people believed that the Community Foundation was a stationary object around which the board, staff, donors and charities revolved.  But that is not true. The reality is that all of these entities, the Foundation included, have a common mooring, a central hub, and its name is Richard Hendry. It’s hard to imagine a ‘Richardless’ Community Foundation. Who will preserve the history, the principles and the humaneness of the institution?  The good work will go on, but it will be a different institution without Richard.”

Dana Beach



Edward Bennett


“To us Richard Hendry exemplifies everything that is important about philanthropy and community involvement. His passion for helping those in need and his creativity in designing meaningful programs is inspiring. We are very grateful to Richard for his guidance, supervision, and support for more than a decade. We will miss him terribly.”

Evelyn & Stephen Colbert


“Richard will always be special to me and so many others. I’ve begged a listening ear many times for various projects, especially doing a leap of faith to start Teachers’ Supply Closet.  Richard is able to work together with everyone and merge diverse interests into resilient opportunities that sustained our community.  He shares his distinctive talents of kindness, ability to listen, integrity, humor, wisdom, open-mindedness and love of community in all that he do. I’m deeply grateful for his time at the Foundation, we are in a better place, thanks to Richard.”

Dorothy Harrison


“From 1983 Richard has been the glue that holds the Community Foundation together. He is also its heart…so it is with a sticky heart that the Foundation continues to grow and become what the community needs; that it creates a vision from the generosity of donors and the hard and heart work of nonprofits. Hopefully Richardness will stick to all of the staff and his values which are indistinguishable from the Foundation’s, will continue to guide the Foundation in the decades to come. My best friend. My confident. My shoulder to cry on, my editor, my counselor, my fellow schemer, you have a very, very fruitful retirement! You will be missed.”

Ruth Heffron


“Richard Hendry has been the heart, historian, teacher, mentor and inspiration to thousands of nonprofit staff, AND foundation staff, AND foundation boards, AND donors for 41 years! He has the absolute trust and earned respect of each and every one of these groups as well. He exemplifies everything good and valuable about our community. No one has offered more to Charleston with his life and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

Linda Ketner


gladys washington bernie mazyck richard hendry

Richard with former CCF staff members Gladys Washington and Bernie Mazyck

“I joined the staff of the Coastal Community Foundation (at that time the Trident Community Foundation) and the second person I met after I met Ruth Heffron was Richard Hendry. As a young African American entering the field of philanthropy, Richard was supportive, nurturing, but a stern teacher who loved to correct my letters and documents with red ink. Richard was a student of the human condition, always eager to learn from people who were different from him. And once he made that connection, he easily began to empathize with them and walk in their shoes. Richard’s character and contribution for me is best described in the poem by Rudyard Kipling, “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings, nor lose the common touch; If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you; if all men count with you, but none too much.” Richard biggest contribution has been to move the Lowcountry closer to being the ‘Beloved Community.’ Thank you Richard.”

Bernie Mazyck


“Richard Hendry is the voice of caring reason for the many donor-advised funds at the Foundation. At least that is how I have known him for many years.  I will miss him and his wonderful smile very much.”

Harriet McDougal



Richard handing out grant checks at The Beaufort Fund reception, February 2015.

“My association with Richard came from six years on the Foundation’s Board and a slightly longer time with the Beaufort Fund. The Beaufort Fund times were the most memorable, since at Board Meetings he was then chiefly part of the “supporting” cast. For the Beaufort Fund site visits Richard was, somehow, navigator to virtually undiscovered locations in our rural counties and, unfailingly had read and remembered enough of each applicant’s proposal to ask appropriate and penetrating questions. He also offered excellent suggestions to the applicants, which, I’m sure, were very appreciated. At our subsequent committee meetings his comments were appropriate and frequently funny. All in all, I guess we’ll have to forgive his interest in tobacco. Stick around, Richard.”

Alan & Joanne Moses


“How did one man (who doesn’t even like meetings) steal the heart of our entire community?  For that’s what Richard did.  Maybe it’s because he was such a good listener. Maybe it’s because he could always be counted on to follow up. Or because he truly cared about people and about our community. He’s has been the heart of the CCF since he arrived in 1983. May his core belief in the value of diversity and inclusion remain an integral part of CCF’s DNA; that’s how we can best thank this man who won our hearts and gave his all to CCF.”

Madeleine McGee


“To know you is to love you! You have been knowledgeable, hardworking, and dedicated in your work with the Foundation, and I enjoyed working with you when I served on the Board and, subsequently, when I served on various selection committees there. I cannot imagine the Foundation without you and I am truly going to miss you!

Priscilla McLeod Robinson


“I find it quite impossible to describe Richard Hendry in 75 words. 7,500 words would not be enough to convey the role he has played in the philanthropic community of the Lowcountry. He knows more than any other person about SC nonprofits. 75,000 words are insufficient to communicate what he means to me personally. Richard is a treasured friend and pluperfect human being.”

Linda Plunkett


“Richard Hendry is one of the most thoughtful and respectful leaders we have ever met. His understanding of the complex issues that face our community are incredibility accurate and insightful. He has seen many changes in Charleston over his tenure with CCF and has helped shaped its success. It has been our honor be a friend and a colleague Richard Hendry.”

Dr. E.O. “Rod” Rutledge & Ethel L. Rutledge


“Richard is the soul of the Foundation. He excels at finding the needs of the community, often in unexpected places, and advising where to commit the resources of the Foundation for maximum impact. Richard’s core values and antennae are flawless. The Foundation and its decision makers have long enjoyed the luxury of his judgment and advice. Richard has been ours forever, and we have been his. We will miss him.”

Henry Smythe


CCF staff

Richard with the old CCF crew – how many staff members do you recognize?

“Richard became my supervisor when I started working at the Foundation the Fall of 1998, but he soon became my friend. While jesting with each one day, Richard called me “igno,” short for ignorant (i.e., lacking knowledge or comprehension of the thing specified). Over the years of working with Richard, it became evident that he made it his mission to reduce ignorance by enlightening his colleagues, donors and the community about the many needs and opportunities to address these needs.”

Jennie Stephens


note to gladys from richard

Richard’s note to Gladys

“Dear Richard, This is the note you wrote me in 1998, when I left Coastal Community Foundation. Now it’s time to reflect on the “immutable” ways you’ve changed your colleagues, the Foundation and the entire region for the better. May your next chapter be as meaningful and fulfilling as your remarkable stewardship of CCF. With love, Gladys”

Gladys Washington


“Richard Hendry has been a primary source of philanthropy information for me and for my broader family over the past 25 years. He is remarkably responsive to any and all inquiries; he has an encyclopedic knowledge of every charity inside and outside our community; and he has become a valued friend.”

John Winthrop


“Richard is firstly kind and thoughtful, he makes people feel good about where he’s leading them, he is a gentleman. His depth of knowledge of our community’s needs is irreplaceable. He is the Community Foundation’s most valuable asset.”

Conrad Zimmerman

July 2015 CCF Staff Photo

CCF staff in July 2015

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