Community-Based Grant Making Brings Parents of Special Needs Children Together

On Monday, July 12, the committee for the Charles Webb-Ed Croft Endowment met to review applications and make recommendations for this year’s Webb-Croft grant awards. This Endowment, established in 1994, provides money for organizations that help children with special needs and their families. Seventeen organizations were recommended for grants this year with a total of $69,800 being awarded. Recipients will be announced on July 28.

Part of the value of community-based grant making is that the committee members—each having a child or relative with special needs—are able to share their stories of challenges and rewards when having a loved one with special needs. Each member brought different ideas into the meeting and shared their experiences, knowledge, and solutions. Through this sharing, other committee members learned about organizations that help special needs children that they were previously unaware of and gained information that could help them support their own child.

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