Grantmaking at Coastal Community Foundation is rooted in our belief that philanthropy isn’t something that is done to a community, it’s done in close partnership with communities — its nonprofits, workers, families, students, teachers and civic leaders. That’s how we create vibrant communities.

The Grantmaking & Community Leadership Department oversees grants, scholarship programs, place-based impact investments and community leadership efforts to improve the quality of life in coastal South Carolina. In addition, CCF supports the regional, nonprofit ecosystem by offering organizations capacity-building programs as well as technical assistance.

Our work includes grantmaking to nonprofits that work in communities, providing scholarships, training neighborhood leaders and nonprofit organizations, as well as preparing high school students for college. In our competitive programs that involve application processes, our decisions are guided by volunteer committees of community members. We call it community-based grantmaking, which means we include diverse voices from outside the organization to ensure we represent the perspectives of the communities we serve, as well as the geography and areas of interest covered by our funding programs.

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