Center for Heirs Property Preservation began as a CCF fiscal sponsorship in 2002


Fiscal sponsorship is a contractual relationship between a certified 501(c)(3) organization and a charitable group or individual. The details of the relationship can vary widely, but generally include the use by the sponsored group of the 501(c)(3) sponsor’s charitable status to enable the acceptance of charitable donations.

Coastal Community Foundation (CCF) may choose to provide fiscal sponsorship for charitable projects that further the purposes of the Foundation. Sponsorship services include the provision of non-profit status to a project (thus making contributions tax-deductible), the receipting and managing of contributions, and the authorization and payment of grants and expenses from the fund created for the project. The primary beneficiaries of sponsorship services are typically new charities which have not yet received an IRS determination letter and community groups planning a specific, finite project that is clearly charitable in nature and in furtherance of the charitable purposes of the Foundation. CCF’s fiscal sponsorships are intended to be short-term – generally, no more than three years.

Coastal Community Foundation has served as the fiscal sponsor for more than 70 projects. Many have grown into successful organizations and initiatives still prevalent in the region.

Examples of Fiscal Sponsorships

  • Moja Arts Festival Fund

    Heirs’ Property Preservation Project Fund

    One80 Place (previously Crisis Ministries)

    Lowcountry Food Bank

    Reading Partners (previously Charleston Volunteers for Literacy Fund)

    Artists for Emanuel Fund

    Best Friends Lowcountry Transit Fund

    North Charleston Affordable Housing Initiative

    Safe Families Initiative Fund

    The Post and Courier Public Service and Investigative Reporting Fund

    Combahee Raid Exhibit Fund


  • Direct all questions about Coastal Community Foundation’s fiscal sponsorships to Nivia Collins at

    Please note: Coastal Community Foundation keeps a limited portfolio of fiscal sponsorships. Applications are accepted based on current capacity.