Georgetown County’s got it together

In a time where social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter reign supreme in connecting individuals and organizations, in-person meetings of Georgetown County’s Common Issues/ Common Threads  are staying alive and strong. A program of our sister, the Frances P. Bunnelle Foundation, Common Issues/Common Threads connects 225 nonprofit group members in Georgetown County to get to know and learn from each other. The phrase “A Common Goal” is ideal for describing the purpose for the CI/CT gatherings. Leaders in the nonprofit community face many common issues as they continue to serve the community. Since 2008 they have met quarterly at widely praised luncheon workshops sponsored by the Bunnelle Foundation.  Since organization leaders share a common goal to better the lives of the people of Georgetown County, CI/CT allows these individuals to network, learn, and connect on similar topics in a relaxing and fun environment.  And a little food never hurts!

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