Jody Tamsberg: Responsible Philanthropy

Jody next to his Order of the Palmetto—the State’s highest civilian honor for service ‘In recognition for all you have done to better our part of the world over the years.’ “I had no idea that somebody had recommended me. It’s special to me. The kids were there [for the surprise presentation.] They tell me they are proud. They know their dad is doing something and they want to do it, too.”

Much of my time is spent now trying to give responsibly to causes that have meaning and impact. I served on the boards of CCF and the Bunnelle Foundation and have great respect for their experience and expertise in philanthropy. I quite often take their advice and don’t have to do a lot of vetting. I know if they are putting their time, talent and money behind something, then I can certainly support it.
—Jody Tamsberg, Windwood Family Services founder, land conservation donor, and CCF Donor Advisor

Jody Tamsberg, a real estate developer who lives in Georgetown, works in Georgetown and Charleston counties, and has been involved with CCF for decades, focusing on responsible giving and modeling that practice for his children and grandchildren.

He inherited his philanthropic spirit from his parents. “They didn’t have a lot but their core belief was to give back and they showed me that by example.”

…and by example is how Jody chooses to live. Rather than supporting over-development, his career in real estate has made him passionate about coastal land conservation. He has donated multiple conservation easements on large, environmentally significant tracts of land.

Jody has chosen CCF to help him manage his philanthropy. He and his wife established the Tams-berg Family Endowment (Donor Advised Fund) and they support CCF’s Civic Engagement work and the strategy behind the Community Partnership Program. “It didn’t take much time when I saw the effort and sat down with Darrin to discuss the initiatives. I knew I wanted to participate.”

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