June Donor Spotlight

Jeanne Edwards Endowment for McClellanville’s Children


After retiring, Jeanne Edwards began a new career– being a concerned neighbor. While she had always lent a helping hand to those around her, in retirement she gave her entire self to those around her.

“Jeanne did a lot of things for all sorts of people,” said her McClellanville friend Patty Fulcher. “I know, for instance, of one man who was dying of cancer that she took in for treatments several times a week, for months. She used to tutor elementary school students. And she would talk to a number of people daily, checking up on them to see if anything was wanted.”

In addition to her neighborly friendship, Ms. Edwards was an active community volunteer, particularly in the arts and with her church. She had a keen interest in nature, animals, and enjoyed gardening. As a younger woman, she attended Cornell University, served in The Women’s Army Corps in WWII, and enjoyed a career in the field.

With her will, and by designating a portion of her estate to establish a fund to benefit children of the Awendaw/McClellanville area, Ms. Edwards ensured that she would always be able to help others in the village that was her home for 50 years.


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