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I recently attended a meeting of global investment professionals in Charlottesville, Virginia. Besides sneaking off to sample the wares of a local vineyard, my time was taken up participating in discussions on megatrends affecting the globe and their effects on the investment business. Some of these trends can impact us here on the coast in our grantmaking and stewardship of the endowment capital entrusted to us.
It is amazing how often demographics comes up in discussions of global trends—potential winners being most of the emerging market class of countries with younger average populations, and losers being most of the developed world.  Increasingly, the wealth and leadership responsibilities in the region will be taken up by the younger generation. This passing of the baton will transform everything from health care to real estate to our very workplaces. Foundations are often asked to help steer these place-based changes to more positive outcomes to be shared by the entire community and to mitigate the negative effect on those on the lee—side of this movement.
The network we are creating now at CCF will work to build our region’s capacity for philanthropy at this pivotal moment.
By committing to initiatives like social impact investing, we will provide a roadmap for future generations to realize greater community prosperity, and promote an understanding of the Lowcountry’s unique philanthropic opportunities.
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