The Richard Hendry Nonprofit Impact Award recognizes a nonprofit organization that has demonstrated outstanding service and significantly impacted the coastal communities of South Carolina. This award is named for Coastal Community Foundation’s longest-serving employee, Richard Hendry, who provided essential guidance in establishing CCF’s grant processes, supported the growth of emerging and existing charitable programs in the region, and sustained impactful grantmaking through his decades of work at the foundation. Read more about Hendry’s perspective on philanthropy in the Charleston region in his essay Bin Yahs, Come Yahs and Connectedness.


  • Nominees for this award should embody the following criteria:

    CCF Supporter and Champion: A distinguished and enduring relationship with the Coastal Community Foundation (CCF) spanning over a decade (10+ years). This commitment may be demonstrated through active engagement as a nonprofit partner, grantee, former fiscal sponsee, or any combination thereof. Their involvement should showcase a profound dedication to the mission and values of CCF, contributing significantly to its growth, impact, and ability to serve the community.

    Demonstrated Impact: A proven track record of creating meaningful and measurable positive change within the community. This could include improvements in quality of life, access to essential services, or the advancement of social, environmental, or economic well-being.

    Innovative Approaches: Demonstrated innovative and effective strategies in addressing community needs and challenges. This could involve pioneering programs, initiatives, or interventions that have resulted in tangible and sustainable outcomes.

    Collaborative Partnerships: An exhibited commitment to collaboration and partnership-building within the community. This could include working with diverse stakeholders such as other nonprofits, government agencies, businesses, and community members to leverage resources and maximize impact.

    Inclusive Engagement: A priority for inclusivity and diversity in its engagement efforts, ensuring that all members of the community have a voice and are represented in decision-making processes. This could involve outreach to marginalized or underrepresented groups and the promotion of equity and social justice principles.

    Financial Stewardship: Responsible financial management and transparency in its operations. This could include efficient use of resources, adherence to best practices in governance and accountability, and a commitment to ethical fundraising and fiscal sustainability.

    Long-Term Sustainability: A clear vision for long-term sustainability and growth, ensuring that its impact continues to benefit the community for years to come. This could involve strategic planning, capacity-building initiatives, and efforts to cultivate future leaders and supporters.

    Community Recognition and Support: Widely recognized and respected within the community for its contributions and achievements. This could include testimonials, endorsements, or other forms of acknowledgment from community members, partners, and stakeholders.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations will be accepted from June 12- August 2, 2024. Nominations will not be accepted after the deadline. The recipient will be recognized at Coastal Community Foundation’s 50th Anniversary Gala on November 23, 2024.

    To nominate a nonprofit for the award, fill out the form available here.