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Apply for a Grant

Coastal Community Foundation runs two competitive grant cycles per year, with applications due in January and June.

January is home to our Specialized Grants Cycle, with funds typically awarded by the issue or geographical area served. June is our Regional Grants Cycle, and nonprofits across our service area addressing a variety of causes are eligible to apply.

Visit our grant opportunities page to find out which grants your organization may qualify for.

To apply for a grant, please login to our online portal to access current applications.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not registered with our portal for a past CCF grant application, it may take up to two business days to process your registration so you can begin your application.

Apply for a Scholarship

Last year, Coastal Community Foundation awarded more than $400,000 in scholarship awards to hundreds of students. Our scholarship programs open annually in January, with varying deadlines and selection criteria depending on the award. Basic requirements to apply for a scholarship include a transcript, letters of recommendation and essay questions.

The 2019 deadline for the General Scholarship ProgramReverend Pinckney Scholarship Program and Specialized Scholarships was March 15, 2019. Scholarship applications are closed until January 2020.

Please review our full list of scholarship opportunities for applications, eligibility criteria, and further information.

Contact Caroline Rakar with any questions regarding CCF’s scholarship programs.

Please visit the Reverend Pinckney College Readiness Program page for details about eligibility, application and selection criteria. The College Readiness Program helps high school students, their families and supporters prepare for, research, evaluate and ultimately select which college is right for them. It runs from second semester of junior year of high school, through the summer and the first semester of senior year. Starting in 2020, only students who have completed the College Readiness Program will be eligible for the Reverend Pinckney Scholarship Program.

Grant FAQ

How do I apply for a grant?

Visit our online portal. From there, you can login and fill out the appropriate grant application. If you haven’t registered before, please allow up to two business days for us to process your request.

Do you award grants to individuals?

The only money awarded to individuals through Coastal Community Foundation goes out through our annual scholarship programs, Griffith-Reyburn Lowcountry Artist of the Year Award and Expansion Arts Program.

When can I expect a decision on my grant application?

Decision times vary from program to program, so check the first page of each application on the online portal for further details. Generally, though, you should expect to hear from us regarding the status of your application within two months of the deadline.

Can I apply for a grant from a donor-advised fund?

No, grants from donor-advised funds are awarded at the discretion of the fund holder. Applications are only accepted for competitive programs listed on our grant opportunities page.

What happened to all the competitive grants that used to be listed on your website?

They’re still here! We consolidated our competitive grants into two main cycles (read more about that here), which you can learn more about on our grant opportunities page. If you have any other questions about a specific grant program or the new cycles, please contact the following people:

For programs in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties, contact Caroline Rakar at caroline@coastalcommunityfoundation.org.

For programs in Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton and Colleton counties, contact Veronica Hemmingway at veronica@coastalcommunityfoundation.org.

Which cycle should I apply to?

Depending on the program for which you are applying, the answer might be both. June’s Regional Grant Cycle is available to all nonprofits in Beaufort, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, Hampton and Jasper counties, as well as arts organizations in Georgetown County.

January’s Specialized Grant Cycle programs each have distinct funding criteria and distinct applications. You can apply for as many programs as you are eligible for. Applying for funding in January does not disqualify you from applying for funding in June.

Schalorship FAQ

When are scholarship applications made available?

Annually in January. Application links will be posted to our scholarship opportunities page.

I’m a college student. Can I apply for a CCF scholarship?

If you received a CCF General Scholarship as a high school senior, you may be eligible to apply for a scholarship renewal. College students are only eligible to renew if they received a CCF General Scholarship in the previous academic year.

We do not accept General Scholarship applications from college students who have never received a CCF scholarship in the past. However, please review our Specialized Scholarships on the scholarship opportunities page to see if you qualify to apply for any of those awards.

Which counties are served by CCF scholarship funds?

Most of our scholarship awards are open only to students in Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester Counties. However, there are a few exceptions. The Reverend Pinckney Scholars Program is open to students with a permanent residence in Beaufort, Charleston or Jasper Counties. Visit our scholarship opportunities page for a full list of awards and their residency criteria.

Where does my scholarship check get sent?

If you are selected for a CCF scholarship award, we will send it to the bursar’s office or financial aid office, depending on the policies of the college or university you attend.

What if I haven’t decided which college I am attending yet?

Should you be selected for a scholarship award, we will contact you to confirm your final college choice and student ID number before mailing any award checks to your institution.