I’m a college student. Can I apply for a CCF scholarship?
Only a few of our scholarship programs accept applications from college students, and the students must have received a CCF scholarship the previous year to be considered. Those programs are: The Warren O. Pinckney Scholarship, Phillip O’Neill Hanvey Scholarship, Charleston First Responders Scholarship, Decker Scholarship, Faith Jefferson Hohloch Nursing Scholarship, Porgy & Bess Music Scholarship and the Santee Hunting Club Fund Scholarship.

Where does my scholarship check get sent?
If you are selected for a CCF scholarship award, we will send it to your school’s bursar’s office or financial aid office, depending on the policies of the college or university you attend.

What if I haven’t decided which school I’m going to?
Should you be selected for a scholarship award, we will contact you to confirm your final college choice and student ID number before mailing any award checks to your institution.

Will I be notified once selections are made?
All students will be notified regarding their application status by July. You do not need to reach out to the Foundation prior to that date.

Can I apply for the Reverend Pinckney Scholarship Program?
Only students who complete our Reverend Pinckney College Readiness Program in their junior years of high school are eligible to apply for the Scholarship Program.