Coastal Community Foundation has a variety of fund types that can be used to meet a donor’s individual, family, or corporate charitable goals. Listed below are the fund types that can be used alone or in combination. If you’re ready to get started creating your fund at Coastal Community Foundation, contact Melissa Levesque at

Types of Funds

  • Unrestricted Funds
    Unrestricted Funds are best suited to meet emerging needs or opportunities in the community. Donors place no restrictions on how their funds are used, and giving decisions are left to our board of trustees. Because these funds are designed to be responsive to short-term and long-term community needs and opportunities, they are ideally suited for donors committed to the perpetual needs of our community.

    Donor-Advised Funds
    Donor-Advised Funds are a flexible tool for charitable giving, operating much like your own private foundation. You can contribute appreciated assets to your fund, benefit from an immediate charitable deduction, and avoid capital gains taxes.  You can do this when it is most convenient for you, and then recommend gifts over time to nonprofit organizations of your choice. You select a fund name and then enjoy making grants to organizations committed to the causes you care about.  The Foundation provides the administrative services for your fund, making this a simple, easy way to consolidate your charitable giving.

    Field-of-Interest Funds
    Field-of-Interest Funds support programs, projects and initiatives in a specific area of interest. Income from these funds is expended at the discretion of the Board, but only in specified fields of charitable concern as determined by the donors.

    Scholarship Funds
    Scholarship Funds typically provide grants for tuition, room and board to college or university students. We work with donors to develop scholarship criteria and selection processes as well as track the performance of recipients to ensure that they continue to meet the terms for scholarship support.

    Designated Funds
    Designated Funds benefit one or more charitable institutions by providing a perpetual endowment.  Many donors and agencies select this option as a way to benefit from CCF’s investment capabilities, economies of scale, and commitment to honoring donor intent.

    Organization Endowments
    Organization Endowments are created by charitable organizations to provide a permanent source of support for their work. Many organizations select this option as a way to benefit from CCF’s investment capabilities and economies of scale. This is an ideal resource for organizations to begin building an endowment for their long-term sustainability.