At Coastal Community Foundation, we are committed to building relationships with our donors that embody trust, confidence and excellence. The administrative and fiduciary policies associated with our services are aimed at optimizing our impact as well as the overall donor experience.

Gift Acceptance
Our gift acceptance policy describes the gifts that we are able to receive and also outlines how we work with donors who choose to use non-liquid assets such as real estate, closely held securities, partnership interests and other asset types to fund their philanthropy.

Fund Minimum
All charitable funds within Coastal Community Foundation have a fund minimum of $25,000.

Donor-advised Fund Policy
Our donor-advised fund policy describes how funds operate and how our donors engage with their relationship managers. Through your relationship manager and our donor portal, you’ll be able to recommend grants, attend donor education events, and rely on the philanthropic expertise of our stewardship and grantmaking staff.

Download Donor-advised Fund Policy (PDF)

Designated/Organizational Fund Policy
Designated and organizational funds allow a donor to endow a charitable fund that supports a specific organization in perpetuity. This document provides a step-by-step overview of how these funds operate and benefit numerous organizations in our community.

Download Designated/Organizational Fund Policy (PDF)

Scholarship Fund Policy
Donors may choose to create new scholarships or make a contribution to an ongoing scholarship program at Coastal Community Foundation. This document overviews how they work and what parameters these funds follow.

Download Scholarship Fund Policy (PDF)

If you’d like to learn more about opening a charitable fund, contact Helen Wolfe at