Coastal Community Foundation believes in the power of collaborative philanthropy to spark meaningful changes in our communities. When we pool our resources and work together toward shared goals, we deliver on our promise to create vibrant communities by uniting people and investing resources. We have several programs that help us deliver on this promise by providing operational support to Coastal Community Foundation and our special initiatives. Our Community Partnership Program supports annual operations, while the IMPACT Endowment helps secure our long-term financial strength.

Thanks to supporters of these Programs:

Our donors are more informed about the greatest challenges facing this region.

It took more than 24 months to host community conversations across our region and conduct analytical research to develop CCF’s Civic Engagement Agenda, which crystallizes the most pressing needs in our region. CPP and IMPACT funds supported the staffing, travel and research costs associated with this groundbreaking work. These programs have also helped CCF host regular Philanthropic Engagement Sessions across our region to educate our donors about these issues with subject-matter experts from across the state.


Every dollar collected in our Disaster Relief Funds go directly to groups providing relief on the ground.

Following historic flooding from Hurricane Florence in Horry and Georgetown Counties in 2018, we collected more than $500,000 for disaster relief. Endowment and CPP donations gave our staff the additional capacity to process these transactions and ensure grants rapidly reached the places that needed them most.



We’re investing in projects that support the local economy and improve our communities at the same time.

CCF’s first-ever Place-Based Impact Investing Program, which invests in projects that generate market returns as well as social good, was seeded with $3 million from the IMPACT Endowment. The Community Partnership Program supports the operation of the initiative, including evaluation of each project’s success.



Community Partnership Program

For almost 50 years Coastal Community Foundation has strengthened our region through shared goals by uniting people and investing resources. Through your partnership in supporting innovative CCF operations and ongoing leadership initiatives we can continue to work together and be a force for good in the community by:

  • Identifying and addressing local issues and challenges
  • Directing grants and resources to appropriate areas
  • Responding directly to ever-changing needs
  • Fostering development of new organizations and programs
  • Providing technical training and support to local nonprofits
  • Building strategic coalitions with key organizations, funders and leaders

Become a Community Partner

As one of our partners, your investment will help us continue providing community leadership on the greatest challenges facing our region. Become a Community Partner today!

Partnership Levels

  • Community Advocate
    Annual contribution: $250-$1,500
    Access to CPP communications, invitation to CCF events

    Cornerstone Partner
    Annual contribution: $1,501-$5,000
    Above plus recognition in annual report and select CPP publications

    Annual contribution: $5,001-$15,000
    Above plus a frameable Partnership Certificate, invitation to special CPP events including CEO breakfasts and VP roundtables, and quarterly updates from CCF staff

    Annual contribution: $15,001-$25,000
    Above plus recognition at all CCF events and virtual presentations

    Annual contribution of $25,001+
    Above plus perpetual recognition in the CCF office lobby and engraved plaque to display in your home/business

IMPACT Endowment

The IMPACT Endowment was established in 1989 to provide a long-term source of income to support Coastal Community Foundation’s operations, special initiatives and community leadership work.

We are committed to growing our IMPACT Endowment to $10 million, at which point, CCF’s operations will be entirely funded through support fees, fees-for-service and endowment revenue.

How Can I Invest in the IMPACT Endowment?

Donors may contribute to the IMPACT Endowment through gifts of cash, publically-traded securities, retirement plan assets and other giving options. Also, CCF’s IMPACT Endowment may receive contributions from donors who are 70.5 or older and who are eligible to make charitable gifts up to $100,000 tax-free from their IRA.

If you’d like to learn more about supporting our initiatives, contact Chandler Moenius at